Andrea Haase
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I am a passionate fulltime artist and do a lot of paintings, collages and other artwork. Since I also love to photograph, I often try to combine both. So you will find paintings in my portfolio but as well photography and mixed media.

I started my creative career with a degree in interior design, but actually never worked in that business. Eventually it is a profession too much technically based for my creative taste Anyway, the studies taught me a good eye for colors and design, I think.

For almost 10 years, I was working and traveling around the world, more or less in creative jobs. I have been to Spain, Egypt, the Caribbean, Turkey and a few other countries. Which was fun and a great experience, but in the end, resulted in the decision that I want to work on my own. To be an independed artist seems easier to me in my home country, so I moved back to Germany to settle my onw art business.

After a short stay in my hometown Bielefeld, I spend a couple of years in Berlin, where I enjoyed the real urban life. In case I had too choose a city again for living, Berlin is still THE city to be for me! But in 2012 I moved to the baltic coast in north Germany where I stumpled across a former dairy which was only one week later mine. True story - I have not at all been searching for that house or for any house at all, but it found me. So here I am now for probably the next 10 or 20 years, enjoying the country life, a pretty garden and a spacious house which gives me enough room for my art material and studio.

My art is licenced for all kind of proucts like postcards, napkins, cushion covers, carpets and wall art. I work for companies and publishers but also sell my designs on print-on-demand pages. You will find some of them linked at the end.

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